J2 Natural Spa

Our Natural Soaps are Shea butter and goat milk based

Available in 9 varieties in 4 oz bars and in convenient travel-size mini’s.

Indulge your senses

-Coconut         -Lemon Lime           -Lavender

-Mango           -Blackberry               -Grapefruit

-Melon            -Honey Almond         -Oatmeal

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Transport yourself as you scrub away your troubles with these ultra moisturizing scrubs.

The Coconut Salt Scrub is ideal for extremely course skin 

The Vanilla Sugar Scrub is great for everyday exfoliating

J2 Mini's are here! For your convenience, you can now mix it up and buy smaller versions of your favorite natural soap bars, or sample some you haven't tried before. Go to the Shop Now tab to order.

J2 (J squared) Natural Spa is the creation of Jean and Jennette, two friends with a passion for natural handmade bath and body products.

"We only want the best for our clients that's why it's so important to us to use the finest ingredients."Indulge your senses with these wonderfully handmade natural products.

Shop online now! 

www.facebook.com/J2Natural Spa 

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