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This is dedicated to my many random acts, ideas, thoughts and creative side. Accidental Austinite by way of Chicago on a quest to discover the wild wild west,and then some.

Born in Borinquen aka Puerto Rico. I love music and have a flair for fashion.
I love to create, I'm a mommy of two and a wife.
If I could be born again I would be a dancer.
I <3 to travel. Europe, Caribbean and America. I've lived in all three.
I am fluent in English, Español, et un petit peu de Francais. That means a little bit of French.
I consider myself an outgoing person and a lady. I feel blessed.

(I have a thing for modern art; it makes me smile) Every city or town I've had the pleasure of visiting I make some time for the galleries or museums . I love Pepon Osorio, Jeff Koons, Myrna Báez and other's I'll add to the list when I remember :0)

Check out my blog and also my online store at www.facebook.com/J2NaturalSpa

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