Me: Why don't we get a Mac laptop?
Husband: I've never had a problem with PC.
Me: But you're having problems now with the network set up!
Husband: That's the only thing! I don't want a Mac, I don't need a Mac!
Me: But you have an Iphone!
Husband: It's not the same thing! It's not a Mac!
My son: Daddy! But I have a Mack!!!

And indeed he does, and that was the end of that. LOL


Anonymous said...

Well, he's so right. He DOES have a Mack. Think he will be nice and let his daddy borrow it?

Visitng from LBS

ZippyChix said...

Cute story! Heard Mac's are great, but we are a PC family. My hubby is an IT guy, so I defer to him on that one;)

Random Acts of Jean said...

My son likes to share, we'll just have to see if daddy wants to borrow the mack!

ApronTails said...

What a darling story!
I must say we are a mac family all the way. Have been since our first computer way back. have used PC's as well but mac is just so much easier, better, more fabulous. Hope he goes with you on this one.

Happy Weekend!

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