Iron Chef Week at Work

In the name of team building, our division has decided to do an "Iron Chef" competition at work.
Our secret ingredients will be ginger and cream cheese. Thankfully we won't have to battle it out in a kitchen with a countdown breathing down our necks. We get to go home, make our dishes and present it to the panel of lucky judges. I of course have the utmost confidence in our group. The competition is this Friday the 6th. I'll update with pictures and I'll let you know what two dishes we presented to the judging panel.(Plus we have an awesome theme too!)
I love to cook so I can't wait! Plus I hear there's a great top secret prize.

Mood: excited!

Theme: Gilligan's Island
Menu: Ginger glaze shrimp and Coconut Flan with Ginger Caramel

Pop-punk version of Gilligan's Island theme song

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Z.J.Ascensio said...

Sounds like a lot of delicious fun. Good luck! :)

clearbluewindow said...

This sounds like a great team building exercise - good luck!

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