Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week consists of sayings or remarks by people I know.

P:  I hate the bus! Too many insane smelly people ride it and want to yell at no one
C:  LOL take it easy, I would say breathe but its smelly so just think pretty thoughts
P:  LOL, thanks. I needed to text to look distracted so the lady screaming about mo money mo problems would leave me alone.

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Brief description of me

Something I still can't find on Google

my remote control

My superpower

chewing gum and walking at the same time



people, culture, arts

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Summer Fun

I can't believe how fast this summer flew by. I had the privilege to attend the Worldwide Maniac Foundation launch and experience one of the most upbeat fashion shows with the fun designer Richie Rich.

Worldwide Maniac was launched in early 2009 as a foundation created to fund environmental and humanitarian causes. Founder and CEO, Michael Torres, was inspired to start a movement that would “create positivity and unity among the world as one”. Torres was involved in the corporate world for over 20 years and experienced a spiritual change in his own life that led him to leave his career and begin a new philanthropic venture.
My friends and I are in the center of the collage. I want you to notice Richie Rich and his shocking pink roller skates.

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J2 Natural Spa and Atlanta Georgia

Having a wonderful and productive weekend. Getting samples ready for Ladies R&R Affair in Atlanta, Georgia www.ladiesrraffair.com

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Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week consists of sayings or remarks by people I know, in this case, someone my husband knows.

...If I was a bird who would I crap on first? :>))) - Vivian S

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Iron Chef Week at Work

In the name of team building, our division has decided to do an "Iron Chef" competition at work.
Our secret ingredients will be ginger and cream cheese. Thankfully we won't have to battle it out in a kitchen with a countdown breathing down our necks. We get to go home, make our dishes and present it to the panel of lucky judges. I of course have the utmost confidence in our group. The competition is this Friday the 6th. I'll update with pictures and I'll let you know what two dishes we presented to the judging panel.(Plus we have an awesome theme too!)
I love to cook so I can't wait! Plus I hear there's a great top secret prize.

Mood: excited!

Theme: Gilligan's Island
Menu: Ginger glaze shrimp and Coconut Flan with Ginger Caramel

Pop-punk version of Gilligan's Island theme song

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