Mind Reading a Reality

Scientists in London have developed a new technology that enables them to read a person's memory. They did a study with volunteers getting their brains scanned while playing a virtual reality video game. Scientists guessed where the volunteers were located within the virtual world through their brain activity, reading their 'spatial' memories.

They say that the science to be able to read people's minds by invading it, rather than willfully, is still @ least ten years away. They also believe that this discovery will be able to assist with research for people suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer's, which is good. My grandfather suffered from this disease and if in the future someone with this disease should get the chance not to suffer it sounds promising.

Yet all the same, it's still a bit scary to know someone out there will have the ability to know what I'm thinking. On a funny note though, I can only laugh at visualizing how guys will react in the future when asked the dreaded, 'Does this make me look fat' question. Now tell me how you really feel. Wait...I'll just take a peek. (Youtube link is a funny song titled: If you open your mind too much your brain will fall out.)

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