Single Awareness Day

Valentine's Day.
Many fear this day, others embrace it.

I received a call from one of my single girlfriend and she narrates me her plans for this day. She will be attenting a house party dedicated to all of the single friends.

What I found amusing was that instead of calling it Valentine's Day she and her friends used the term Single Awareness Day. (I found this hilarious since the acronym turns out to be SAD, which I pointed out and it was something they had not noticed.)

In the end, it isn't a sad event and it's great that she and her single friends are celebrating. Celebrate life, friends, family and love. But it's great to also celebrate you.


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The Accidental Austinite

I recently moved to Austin, Texas by way of Chicago, Illinois -actually Schaumburg, IL but no one really knows where that is (30 minutes west of Chicago). I've only been here 4 days and it's mostly consisted of unpacking my shizzle. But it's a cool place with a hippie sort of vibe @ least the downtown area. One thing though, there's this mysterious highway called the MoPac, which is actually Highway 1 but everyone calls it that. So if you're asking for directions beware!

I love love love the weather. It's freaking February and I'm wearing my summer clothes! I'm overly excited about this because last week I was in Chicago and it was 6 degrees brrrr. I also am fascinated by the fact that there are so many vegetarians here, yes, in Texas! It sounds like an oxymoron (two words but together to create something that doesn't make sense like girly-man) vegetarian-Texan.

There's also no lack of things to do either. Austin is the live music capital of the world. THE WORLD. So alot of free live music @ the pubs and quality concerts (I already have some friends and family asking to pull out the inflatable bed and reserve a place for them). Which I will do happily! Lots of art galleries to fill my fancy and the Austin Museum of Art (AMOA) yay! It gets even better! Austin just got into soccer in the USL league I'm not an expert in soccer nor am I an Austin fan (yet) but I am an Islanders fan (My native Puerto Rico's kick-ass soccer team) and they will be playing against Austin in May. Which all of the Rowdy Ricans (nickname I've given all of the puertoricans I've met here) are down for.

Texans love Texas. On a prior trip here I noticed the majority of homes and businesses have the State flag flying not the US flag. There's alot of Texas pride. The Texas dept of transportation's slogan is "Don't mess with Texas" The 'national' beer of Texas is the Lone Star Beer and they state that 91% of Lone Star Drinkers don't care what 4 states border Texas. Austin is also the home of the Longhorns football team. Everywhere you turn there's the sea of burnt orange logos. And from what I've been told the city practically shuts down on game days. "Hook 'em Horns!" All very entertaining at least for an outsider looking in.

And a couple of random thought thrown together:
I haven't noticed any real "Texan accents" but I'm on the look-out. I enjoy imitating accents and going 'native'. I will definitely be getting me some cowgirl boots. No ten gallon hat, jean jacket and pink fringe though; that's too much to handle right now.

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