Finally, a New Year's resolution I can keep!

Yay! It's a new year, new you as they say. But one thing I've always have been scared of are those new year resolutions basically because...well...they're not realistic @ least my previous ones weren't. Such as: get into my back-in-the-day jeans, get organized, learn to ride a motorcycle (I took a class but have yet to get the license).

So after putting it off for almost a month now, I ran across an article titled: 'Red wine, dark chocolate and exercise" As I read on it was stating how these things could benefit a person (in moderation of course). A lightbulb went off. Yes! A new years resolution I can keep!

So that said, I will definitely drink to a better me, savor that bitter-sweet chocolate and oh yeah and that other one too.

Do you have a new year's resolution or would you just rather not even bother?

- Jean

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