My First Virtual Wedding

I confess, I'm one of those people who like to play on Yoville. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a cutesy virtual world where you can interact with many people across the globe, shop, go to the beach and decorate your house (my favorite part). Well I will say that besides all of that fun stuff I recently attended my first virtual wedding. As if Vegas wasn't fast and easy enough. Will this be the future of weddings if it can be made legal? Think about it, just get all of your friends to go online, dress up and then hit the reception at someone's pad. Sure a heck of a lot cheaper too. No hiring a photographer either, just print screen and voilá. LOL

Your thoughts on this new phenomenon.


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No, I don't want to sign up to save 10%

I went grocery shopping to the same place I always go. I've been going there for about the same time I've lived in the area - a couple of years now. I don't mind the lines or that a product isn't in stock; but what does bother me is the fact that this one cashier can't take no for an answer.

I usually try to avoid her if I can. But when I can't, I have to mentally prepare myself for the usual.
cashier: "Do you want to sign up for our credit card?"
me: "No thanks"
cashier: "Why not? You save 10%."
me: "I know, but no thanks."
cashier: Starts scanning my items at a slower rate. She smiles. "Are you sure?"
me: "Yes. "
cashier: "But you save money. Don't you want to save money?"
me: Thinking I should've just left the groceries and ran. "Yes I want to save money. But I don't want the card."
cashier: "But it's 10%!"
me: "Yes, you said that already. NO thanks."
cashier: Looks up and smiles, eyes wide open as to say are you sure? Then reluctantly gives me my change and receipt.
me: Finally on my way out!
cashier: probably thinking..."I'll get her next time."

Has this ever happened to any of you? Make me feel better by saying yes. LOL


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Finally, a New Year's resolution I can keep!

Yay! It's a new year, new you as they say. But one thing I've always have been scared of are those new year resolutions basically because...well...they're not realistic @ least my previous ones weren't. Such as: get into my back-in-the-day jeans, get organized, learn to ride a motorcycle (I took a class but have yet to get the license).

So after putting it off for almost a month now, I ran across an article titled: 'Red wine, dark chocolate and exercise" As I read on it was stating how these things could benefit a person (in moderation of course). A lightbulb went off. Yes! A new years resolution I can keep!

So that said, I will definitely drink to a better me, savor that bitter-sweet chocolate and oh yeah and that other one too.

Do you have a new year's resolution or would you just rather not even bother?

- Jean

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Say What?!

I love music. 
I'm a pretty good dancer; and on a recent trip to visit my sister I was even challenged to a battle LOL (looong story)! That being said; I'm the total opposite when it comes to singing a favorite tune, and on top of that! I just found out that half the time, I invent the lyrics. This was kindly (not really) pointed out to me from a very dear friend (not really). After getting my groove on and jamming along to a new song on the radio. My very dear friend (not really) tells me...that's not how it goes. I look over and ask; so what does it say? I was still skeptical. So I got home and decided to research, on those lyric websites, some of my favorite songs. The results below.

T.I. song Dead and Gone:
What I say: Homey's dead and gone
What the song Really says: The old me dead and gone

Rihanna's song Please don't stop the music:
What I say: Just let the music play, we're hand in hand just a chance and now we're face to face.
What the song Really says: Just let the music play, we're hand in hand chest to chest and now we're face to face.
(note - this one totally peeved me: It's my ringtone!)

Has someone ever pointed out the "obvious" to you? How did you deal?

- Jean

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